Acoustic treatment is a traditionally dry subject, so since we started in early 2018 we have been dedicated to making it fun while remaining informative and, above all, effective.


Frustrated with the existing products on the market, we originally set out to create an alternative.

Our methodology and products follow a straightforward manifesto:

simple - clean - contemporary - affordable - highly effective


We do not operate like other more traditional companies in the sector.

We are designed through and through to empower music makers while growing our disruptive impact on the industry.

In a world where artists are marginalised by society (most are underpaid/ undervalued) we are dedicated to providing effective and affordable high quality acoustic solutions.

Furthermore, every single unit is handmade in Berlin by artists. 


We work primarily for music makers. We are music makers. We understand our customers' needs thoroughly as we have similar requirements for our own studios. We are dedicated to achieving the Holy Grail of acoustic treatment:

A big and beautiful well-defined bass response that will translate well into any other room or system.

Empowering music makers is our game & getting you the most for your money is our aim.

There are several options depending largely on your budget.

Kiss Your Ears is a manufacturing company, but we also organise extended services in order to complete a full room treatment package (planning, installation, etc.). Our prices are all fixed and we do not make exceptions or barter as there is not a normal manufacturer markup on our products. Rather, we ask for your budget and then offer as much as we can for that amount.

Alternatively, you can just order from our online shop but we advise that you check out the resources on this website designed to guide you through the process of doing it all DIY.

So, what we need to know is the following information in order to maximise what you can achieve within your budget, the theme is always “the maximum bang for your buck”:  

  1. Floor plan sketch with dimensions (L/W/H)
  2. Pictures of the room
  3. Description of what you plan to do there (Mixing? Mastering? Live recording?)
  4. Budget for the project

Turnaround is usually 3 weeks. If you really need it faster, we may be able to expedite it for a small fee.



What to expect from this website over the next year: Education, discourse and new innovative products.

We realise that empowering artists is even more important in these difficult times - so we decided to go further and aim to inspire artists.


In an industry fuelled by misinformation perpetuated by detrimental marketing campaigns, we are here to help, and intend to educate.

We are about to release a very ambitious educational blog, divided into two main sections...


Blowing apart the myths and working against the misinformation. Fuck the system.

We decided to make this website a resource to inform yourself about how to treat your room, or how we would do it ourselves. These articles will be released every Tuesday at 12:00 Berlin time.


There is a lot to discuss in 2020. Since we are a socially fuelled company, we decided to use our resources to contribute to the discourse surrounding a few (hundred) hot potatoes.

These articles will be released every Thursday at 12:00 Berlin time.


We are dedicated to contributing to the sustainability of the Berlin music scenes and communities. Why should you believe us? Our track record.


In 2018 we launched our first product range and found our modus operandi, and subsequently tipped the Berlin Acoustic Treatment norms on its head.
In 2019 we organised the building of 50+ high quality music studios with isolation and acoustic treatment and made them available to artists in Berlin.

We did all of this over the last years while treating 400+ studios with acoustic treatment all over Germany.



Back in summer 2020 we began to release extensive educational articles series, and expanded shipping territories to all EU countries, as well as Switzerland and the UK.



See you soon!