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Extended Services

Acoustic Treatment Installation

Two left hands?

If you buy acoustic treatment from us and are based in Berlin, you have the option of having our installation specialists rock up and install the elements for you in your space. Installations can be booked via info@kissyourears.com.

If you are on a tight deadline, your installation can be expedited for a small fee and we can throw more man/woman power at your install to have it completed extremely quickly. For example, 4 technicians onsite can install an average of 8 units per hour - so an entire 20m² mixing suite with 24 bass traps can be installed in 3 hours with our express service. Our standard service is 2 technicians taking care of 4 bass traps per hour.

If you are not in Berlin, it’s probably better to just email us about how to safely install them yourself or with the help of someone else. We have all of the resources needed to guide you safely through your DIY installation, no matter where you are in Europe.

Acoustic Planning

Don't know where to put your acoustic elements? Or how many you need?

We can also help you with anything from detailed theoretical planning of high end projects to simple rules of thumb regarding setting up a standard cuboid room with the first baby-steps acoustic treatment purchase of your career.

The cool part is we do not charge for this! It is part of our ethos, and exactly how we will achieve our mission of making our music production environments sound better across the board. We choose innovation over conservatism and take great pleasure in over-delivering in value with every purchase.

We do the first stages of your acoustic planning by proxy, so as to maximise efficiency. We always ask for 3 things first, to begin to evaluate your situation:

  1. Floor plan sketch w/ measurements.
  2. Pics of the space.
  3. Budget for the project.

Email info@kissyourears.com with details of your project to activate our acoustics wizard. Bear in mind that our approach is always to get you the best bang for your buck, so we really do not entertain experiments. We have research and extensive experience to draw from and always look for the most efficient solution.


Onsite Consultation & Measurement Survey

Feeling lonely? Want us to visit you? Hold your horses. We’ll get to that bit…

Normally, for acoustic treatment, we can actually predict your ideal solution by acoustic modeling, as well as good old experience. We perform acoustic measurements on site as part of our installation service (below).

If you really MUST have the “A” (of the A/B) measurements performed onsite beforehand, we can arrange this for you but our advice is that this is an inefficient approach. We also provide resources for you to do a professional preliminary measurement yourselves.

Email info@kissyourears.com to arrange this.


Isolation Construction Projects
 (Architectural Acoustics)

Neighbours banging on the wall when you’re making bangin’ beats?

Thinking of building your dream studio... Room within a room? Wondering if a different (less expensive) type of isolation shell would work in your situation?

We run projects building contemporary music studios and have an extensive network of construction resources.

Email admin@kissyourears.com with details of your project and to arrange a meeting to discuss your options with our involvement.

It should be noted that any call outs for architectural acoustics come with a fee, 100 eur netto flat rate plus transport. This is because that is usually a highly valuable consultation that determines the direction of a construction project, whether we are laying the brick and mortar ourselves or not.


Music Production Studio Spaces to Rent w/ Safe Long Term Contracts

High quality studios for contemporary music makers at affordable prices.

Since we first set out to make quality acoustic treatment more affordable, we ended up visiting every imaginable set-up in Berlin, and needless to say, we got a bit bored of the crusty old ex-office spaces or dingy basements that were on offer… Really, we could not fathom how landlords thought this was a place where anyone could connect with their creative practise. Furthermore, many of those crusty old buildings are closing their doors.

We decided to build isolated and acoustically optimised music production studios. We currently hold 50 isolated and acoustically treated studios, with great infrastructure, long term contracts, a 10,000m² garden and, most importantly, a solid community spirit. We will resume building more once Covid-19 is less threatening for public health and the future of the music industry. In the meantime, it’s quite beautiful to see so many artists locked down in their studios and supporting each other in times of crisis.

These rooms are high-end - for producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, etc. - and at a similar price point to the less inviting studio spaces around the city.

Email ineedamusicstudio@gmail.com to enquire about us building you a bespoke studio in one of our buildings.


Bespoke Studio Furniture…

Need a studio desk to fit your vintage 1990’s DnB mixing desk? Want an ergonomic working solution?

We can build all kinds of studio furniture aligning with your needs. Maybe you need 48u of rack space on the ceiling, maybe you need a 360 degree cockpit with 14 pull out keyboard shelves. Our ability to customise ends only where your imagination does.

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture to Match Your Studio!

Studio in your apartment? Living in your studio?

We can not only build bespoke studio furniture but also  all kinds of other things to match the aesthetics of your studio, in order to tie it all together consistently. From shelving units to beds - as long as there is also a studio involved, we are interested.


Aesthetic/ Interior Design Consultation

Need help selecting your colour scheme?

Just hit us up to chat and we are at your service. With 19 wood finishes to choose from and 60 different acoustic grade textiles, we’ve got you covered…