We are a passion-driven company making bespoke, very affordable acoustic treatment. Our aim is to cultivate a network of empowered music makers, rather than simply profiting from their learning curve like our competitors.

We enjoy providing the highest standard of acoustic treatment and the lowest possible price point. Our mission is to be disruptive and empower you, the creator.

Did you know that when playing music in an untreated room, 60% of what you are listening to is the room itself, and not what is coming out of your speakers? This brutal realisation started our journey.

Frustrated by the lack of honest information about acoustics online, as well as the basic ineffectiveness of commercially available solutions, coupled with the ridiculous price points of the available glorified landfill, we decided to make our own acoustic treatment. We work with honesty, integrity and most of all; fun.


 All of our products are handcrafted in our production facility in Berlin by our technicians; music producers otherwise redundant due to the COVID-19 crisis. We support the underground music scene at every single step of the process.

 We do it for the lifestyle and live and breathe BASS!


We are currently working on adding a few hundred more pages to the website. We aim to create a resource pool of data and information in order to responsibly educate about acoustics and hopefully make a typically boring (yet essential) subject a bit more fun. We don't care about high end marketing photography or complex web design. We prioritise the actual information you want to learn, without all the bullshit.


Furthermore, we will release a vast series of musicology thinkpieces  covering social issues surrounding the music industry that ought to be discussed and understood.

Watch this space!