4x King Kong Premium Bass Trap (Treatment for a 4m² Studio)

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Bundle of 4x 'King Kong Premium', ideal for treatment of a 4m² studio.

Ultra-low reaching bass trap designed to attenuate across the spectrum from 40Hz<, and provide a professional room acoustics solution.

Product specifications

✓ Designed for recording studios, home and project
studios, rehearsal rooms, home cinemas and hifi rooms
✓ Dimensions (H x W x D): 1035 mm × 660 mm x 200mm
✓ Weight: 12.5 kg

✓ Handcrafted in Berlin
✓ Textiles are 100% recycled
✓ All excess wood is upcycled
✓ Vegan



✓ Furniture-grade wood

✓ Density optimised mineral fibre (6000 Pa*s/m2) wrapped in an ultra-thin plastic membrane

✓ Bespoke Camira Cara™ Acoustic Fabric

Included in your order

✓  4x King Kong Premium Bass Traps

✓ Acoustic Planning Advice (we advise you how to optimally place your bass traps in your space - just send us your floorplan and photos)

✓ Our Clients-only Installation Manual (to guide you through the process)

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