6 x Premium Broadband Absorber

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Bundle of 6x 'Broadband Absorber'. 

The Broadband Absorber is designed specifically to target the fundamental frequencies of the human voice, in order to increase comfortability and productivity in communal spaces.


Product Specifications

✓ Designed for offices, restaurants, art galleries and other work places
✓ Dimensions (H x W x D): 980 x 605 x 120 mm
✓ Weight: 9.1 kg
✓ Handcrafted in Berlin
✓ Textiles are 100% recycled
✓ All excess wood is upcycled
✓ Vegan


✓ Furniture-grade wood

✓ Density optimised mineral fibre (10,000 Pa*s/m2) wrapped in an ultra-thin plastic membrane

✓ Bespoke Camira Cara™ Acoustic Fabric


✓ Effective range: 80 Hz to 10000< Hz
✓ Flow resistivity of 10000 Pa*s/m2
✓ Designed to target fundamental frequencies of the human voice between 90 - 250 Hz


The dimensions of the Broadband Absorber adhere to Fibonacci's golden ratio, offering pleasing aesthetics in most environments.

Use and Maintenance

Kiss Your Ears absorbers require no subsequent care. However, intermittent cleaning as with other surfaces can be performed as required. Light cleaning of the absorbers is easy using a vacuum cleaner on its lowest suction setting. The absorbers can also be wiped using a lightly damp cloth.

For further enquiries, contact our customer support: info@kissyourears.com


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