King Kong Premium Bass Trap x 24 (base pro treatment for 20m2 studio)

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"the only off the shelf acoustics that actually work"

Ultra-low reaching bass trap designed to attenuate across the entire audible spectrum, with an unbeatable value offer.

Nowadays, we also have lower frequencies in our music than previously existing products can deal with, resulting in wonky sounding rooms. 

The simple truth is that all other off the shelf acoustic solutions don’t feature the MASS required to properly harness low frequency energy in a standard studio size volume of space. The companies simply lie about it. These units reach down to 40hz which is the lowest physically possible with this kind of treatment.

Since 2018, Kiss Your Ears have been providing better acoustic solutions, inspired by an unfair market and driven by putting the power into the hands of the modern music maker.

We are building a network of empowered musicians, engineers and producers rather than profiting from their learning curve. We do what we do to create change; so that other companies eventually have to do better!

"be the change you want to see in the world" 

Product specifications

✓ The most environmentally friendly and green absorber on the market

✓ Proprietary mix of recycled wood and hemp (Optisonic Technology)

✓ Designed for recording studios, production studios, home and project
studios, rehearsal rooms and night clubs.

✓ Dimensions (H x W x D): 1240 mm × 600 mm x 200 mm

✓ Weight: 12.9 kg

✓ Designed and Handcrafted in Berlin

✓ Textiles are 100% recycled

✓ All excess wood is upcycled

✓ Trusted by the leading Acousticians, Mixing Engineers, Mastering Engineers, Producers, Artists and Venues ON EARTH!

✓ Vegan


✓ Furniture-grade wood

✓ Density optimised recycled wood and hemp absorbent

✓ Bespoke Camira Cara™ Acoustic Fabric


✓ Absorption coefficient of 0,6 at 40 Hz when placed diagonally over corners and 0,8 at 110 Hz when placed directly on the wall - Optimised to as far as a velocity absorber can go! Contact us to see some data! We literally challenge you to find a more efficient solution, and pledge double your money back!

The King Kong X helps achieve all requirements of a contemporary critical listening space:

✓ A detailed stereo image
✓ Modal resonances fixed (detailed, defined low end)
✓ An even frequency response
✓ An even reverb time across the frequency spectrum
✓ Defined dynamics and transients
✓ Flutter echo diminished

How many do you need in your studio to get that crystal clear sub bass? 

Minimum control / production studio: 1 x KK per m2 of floor space 


Basic control / production studio: 1.2 x KK per m2 of floor space


Professional control / mixing studio: 1.5 x KK per m2 of floor space (this is where most customers aim for, it's the real "sweet spot" for getting to a professional result on a budget).


Advanced control / mastering studio: 1.7 x KK per m2 of floor space

Use and Maintenance

Kiss Your Ears absorbers require no subsequent care. However, intermittent cleaning as with other surfaces can be performed as required. Light cleaning of the absorbers is easy using a plastic brush or damp cloth.