We have made a foolproof system that a monkey can follow and get pro results. 

Do as much as you can.

Honestly we get insane results from this and when compared to readings online from other sources…

What to Look For in a Waterfall Graph When Treating a Modern Music Studio:















Look at the following waterfall graph readings:

There's no logic in waiting to hear how good your room can actually sound when the reality is there are many ways to place them and you could also just check several options yourself before touching a powertool… they can actually stand on their own without being installed…


These are the best you can get, no matter which location you put them in, and if you do this professionally you should put them in all potential locations eventually. Just add them!


The truth is, to achieve the ultimate high end acoustic environment, you would need to cover all corners and reflective surfaces with optimised ultra low reaching bass traps like the King Kong series. Until you get to that point, you can't position them wrongly. It will always be an improvement. 


Here’s an example of an economic sequential placement plan, where a client purchases their treatment in stages and adds them in sequence. 

This represents a 15m2 room with 24 x KK:


More results: